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Why A.M. Donuts & Coffee?

“Uniquely Made Donuts, Locally Roasted Coffee”

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A.M. Donuts & Coffee is a mobile food trailer serving locally roasted coffee and uniquely, hand-crafted donuts to you and your family! DE-LISCIOUS.


It all started on a beautiful sunny day in 2017. Springfield, MO residents Andrew and Angela Morton looked at each other and said, “Hey, we are super involved in music, church, and we have 5 kids. Wouldn’t it make total sense to start a food trailer? ‘Cause, why not?!”

Our inspiration came from a small town donut shop in Andrew’s hometown of Newton, Kansas. It was more than a donut shop, it was a place where the community gathered and friendships were created. We love the idea of traveling to family friendly venues to bring you a piece of timeless hometown happiness.

So we invite you to join us for more than an incredible donut, but for a way to nurture friendships, spread happiness, get your fingers sticky and smile!

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When making some of our first business decisions we were faced with the dilemma what we were going to use to make the donuts. Along with the amazing automated machine we had also received batter mix that was pre-made and only needed water to make dough. This of course would be easy, but we were bound and determined to make these donuts and our other products to the highest quality possible. So we very quickly decided we would be making our batter from scratch. So before every event, we put on our baker hats (and by we, I mean Andrew!) and mix many, many batches of donut batter. Our ingredients include: unbleached flour, cane sugar, vanilla, salt, baking powder, eggs and canola oil. That’s all! We are still happy with our decision to make fresh batter with no preservatives! We have customers tell us all the time that our donuts taste just like the sweet treats their grandma used to make… they very well might be!


So let’s address something that some of you may be asking. Why even worry about making flavored sugars and glazes, “natural”. I mean, a donut isn’t anything close to a “health food” so what’s the point?! OK, maybe none of you have thought about this, but the answer is, “because we can!” I like to know where my food comes from and fresh and simple ingredients are important to me. So after some searching and experimenting we found freeze dried powdered fruits and organic spices mixed with cane sugar made simple yet intensely flavored sugars for our donuts. Our glazes are made fresh before each event and are made from tried and true recipes that include fresh, natural ingredients as well. We are continuously adding and changing our menu items as our brains come up with new and creative ways to meld fresh + super yummy + handmade goodness!


Another very important decision we had to make in the process of building our business was to decide on a coffee roaster. We knew we wanted local and fresh but who? There are quite a few amazing roaster in the Springfield area and we had the neat opportunity to meet with and learn from a handful of these very talented and driven people. We decided on Coffee Ethic as our wholesale roaster and we could not be more happy with that decision. They are a local coffee shop in downtown Springfield that takes a lot of pride in their efforts to make the best quality coffee and to serve their community! Their House Blend was a good match for our trailer and our customers have fallen in love with this smooth blend whether it be a hot coffee on a chilly fall morning or as cold brew on a hot July afternoon.


The House Blend is described as:

“Anything but basic, our House Blend keeps your taste buds on their proverbial toes without compromising approachability. Using rotating coffees to make the most of every season’s offerings, it provides a consistent, yet dynamic palette. You can always rely on it to deliver notes of candied citrus fruits and round, sweet chocolate. Its juicy mouthfeel and balanced finish make our House Blend ideal for any sipping experience, from exploring its depth through meditative cuppings to making it your everyday sidekick.” Coffee Ethic


Yeah! What they said!! We just LOVE IT!



We make our donuts from scratch before each event just like you would in your own kitchen for all of your family and friends. Except we do all the cooking, and you do all the eating! Ingredients include: unbleached flour, milk, cane sugar, canola oil, eggs, baking powder, salt and pure vanilla extract.


1 Bag (3 Donuts)         |        2 Bags (6 Donuts)       |       4 Bags (12 Donuts)


The toppings we offer are just as fresh and simple as our donuts. We cover our donuts with either flavored sugar (Think old school cinnamon sugar donuts with a little pizzaz) or we have classic glazes in vanilla, chocolate and maple. Our flavored sugars are made with cane sugar and either ground freeze dried fruit or spices. That’s it! (With the exception of cake batter which is… well… cake batter!) Our glazes are also homemade with sweet and distinct flavors. Ingredients include: (Flavored sugars) Cane sugar, organic freeze dried fruit, organic cacao powder, organic cinnamon, powdered peanut butter, and cake batter (Glazes)  powdered sugar, vanilla extract, maple extract, cream, and cocao powder.


Peanut Butter
Salted Caramel




We have coffee…. Obviously!! Our coffee beans come from a local roaster in Springfield, MO. We pick up freshly roasted coffee every week and grind them in our huge grinder in the trailer. Coffee is an art form and through much training and texting our roaster 1,000 questions in like a 3 week period we have mastered hot coffee and cold brew! Be impressed!! We also offer freshly brewed iced tea, hand squeezed lemonade and Honest brand juice boxes for the kiddos.

Hot Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee
Iced Tea

Honest Juice Boxes
Hot Chocolate (Seasonal)

Read What Other Happy Customers Have to Say!

So, my husband and I just tried your donuts for the first time 5 minutes ago and we immediately had to find your Facebook page to see where your truck is located. Amazing, best tasting donuts I’ve ever had in my life! We debated on picking up like 10 dozen but ya know, we got #healthgoals. We’ll be back!


Love, love, love your donuts and coffee!! Thank you for sharing your dream with the community!!


We got to enjoy A.M. Donuts & Coffee today. They were so delicious that we stopped by twice. We had the cake batter, chocolate, peanut butter, and strawberry donuts. They were all delicious but the strawberry seemed to be the family favorite. The coffee was also wonderful and the customer service and kindness from the owners just made the overall experience amazing!


Excellent service and super yummy donuts and coffee! If you get a chance, you must try AM donuts